Ideal Temperatures and Humidity For Cannabis Flowering


Early to Mid Flowering:

– Temperature range between 68 and 77 (°F) – or 20-25 (C°)
– Humidity levels need to be lowered to 40-50%

Late Flowering (two weeks before harvest)

– Humidity 30-40%
– Slightly lower temperatures 64-75 (°F) – 18-24 (C°)

You need to concentrate on getting the humidity down throughout the flowering period but especially towards the end. This is by far one of the most important things to get right.
There are numerous risks to high humidity when your plants are flowering, the main ones being mold and bud rot.
Considering we are planning on ingesting some of our meds, this is essential to get right as mold can be very toxic if consumed.
It’s still a bit of a gamble but if you are having trouble getting the humidity down, aim for a maximum of 60%.

Decreasing Humidity

Unlike humidifying a room, there are not many (life-hack) options available to de-humidify your room.
There are some products that are fairly cheap that will capture some of the moisture but it’s probably best to look at investing in a proper de-humidifier for the long term.
Its heart-breaking to get to the end of a grow and discover that much of your bud has to be thrown away and all your efforts have come to nothing.
Some buds may be salvageable and unaffected but for the most part once mold has infested your grow room it’s not really worth the risk.


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