Different Cannabis Strains for Different Types of Pain

Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain for Your Specific Type of Chronic Pain

Choosing the correct Cannabis strain for your type of chronic pain can be a really tricky task. There are so many options that it can become overwhelming, especially if you are growing your own, considering it will take around 4 months to complete a full grow cycle. The last thing you need is a boatload of buds from a strain that doesn’t seem to work too well for your specific pain.

Cannabis strains and their pain relief will be to a large extent subjective, some people will experience terrific pain relief while others may have it dulled slightly but we are looking to help you find a strain where the odds are in your favor .

There are always some exceptions but generally Indica plants are considered better for pain overall than Sativas. They are however also notorious for being more sedating than Sativas. This can be counter-productive to our efforts to utilize Cannabis for pain relief that leads to a higher level of functionality.

Sativas in their own right can be just as effective for pain relief and conditions like migraines respond very well to them. Most of the Cannabis bought in seed form these days are hybrids and will often contain both Sativa and Indica properties often giving them a more balanced Cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Your best bet if you are planning on growing your own would be to try out a selection of strains bought from a dispensary so you can see which ones your pain responds well to. Then you could buy seeds of that particular strain and grow it yourself. Remember you will have some variation in the plants due to genetics (known as phenotypes) so it doesn’t mean you will get the exact cannabinoid profile as your dispensary bought buds but it will be close and with a bit of luck you will find a keeper to clone from your pack of seeds.

Once you have a mother plant of the exact strain that works well for your pain you can continue to take cuttings (clones) and keep that particular strain indefinitely.

If you have tried a few strains and they don’t seem to work as well for your pain as they do for others, don’t despair, it may be that you respond more favorably to different forms of ingestion rather than the strains themselves. It’s very common for someone to get limited relief from smoking for example and outstanding relief from tinctures or edibles.

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Always consult your physician when considering a change to your current treatment.

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