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  1. is in no way a place where you can buy, purchase, get or procure cannabis in any form. We do not sell, ship or stock cannabis products, cannabis derivative products including (but not limited to) CBD oil, terpenes or other cannabis based products.
  2. We are not providing medical guidance, we are not medically trained to do so. Any information on this website is for information only and you should confer with lawmakers in your location as to what information, activities and possession limits there are as well as the risks and penalties owning, accessing and interacting with Canna-Base.
  3. We take no responsibility for the information we provide as it is for information and discussion purposes only. Let us state again and be VERY clear. WE ARE NOT OFFERING MEDICAL ADVICE. If you see anything on our website confer with the appropriate, correctly trained and licensed medical personnel in your region or country.
  4. All of our information is sourced from third parties elsewhere online, and as such we act as re-publishers of content much like many of the aggregator blogs do. If you see any copyrighted information that you own and wish us to remove or further credit you then please contact [email protected] and we shall promptly respond to your request as quickly as our resources allow.
  5. In many regards we are much like Google, we point to where various substances, products and further information can be found. We do not condone, encourage or push the idea that you SHOULD consume, use or imbibe in anyway cannabis or cannabis derived products. This is a decision YOU as a responsible adult must make and we hope the information on our website helps you to find the correct answers you are looking for.
  6. We are an information resource ONLY.
    • We DO NOT sell ANY pharmacological products.
    • We DO NOT sell ANY cannabis related products.
    • We DO NOT sell ANY medical marijuana products.
  7. We do not hold stock of any peripherals, products or other such related paraphernalia but do link to affiliate programmes with stockist who own the right licenses in their jurisdiction to sell, ship and supply various products. Let us be VERY clear about this, WE DO NOT DIRECTLY SUPPLY OR PROFIT FROM ANY CANNABIS RELATED PRODUCTS THAT WE CARRY IN STOCK, WE DO NOT OWN, STOCK OR SUPPLY DIRECT ANY CANNABIS RELATED PRODUCTS. OUR WEBSITE IS NOT SET UP FOR ECOMMERCE AND WE HAVE NO PRODUCTS YOU CAN BUY ON OUR WEBSITE.
  8. We are a website with information on it and information should not be repressed, suppressed or prevented in any way. If ANY of our information is incorrect and you have better resources, sources or knowledge PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact [email protected] and share with us. We are a platform that is pro MMJ, which is not an illegal position to take. We believe that in a free, fair and democratic country the individuals should have the right to imbibe, use or produce their own medications if they so wish. Your body, your right to do with it as you want, as long as you do no harm to others.
  9. We do not condone the promotion of the use of cannabis without proper consultation with correctly trained medical staff unless is it is legal to do so in your legislature. We do not encourage people to break the law, act illegally or otherwise circumvent the rules, laws and regulations surround Cannabis and cannabis related products in your location. We STRONGLY suggest you use sites like ours to get informed, but DO cross check the information. We do our VERY best to ensure the information we provide comes from reliable sources, and where it is anecdotal we aim to highlight this wherever it is possible.
  10. We have FINITE resources, and self fund all our activities from other incomes streams and small amounts paid to us in commissions in affiliate sales. Again, WE DO NOT condone the use of products that may break the law in your jurisdiction, if you are unsure PLEASE CHECK FIRST.
  11. We will not be held responsible or liable for any police or legal action bought against you for purchasing ANY product that we mention on this site. As we have said before WE PROVIDE OUR CONTENT FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.
  12. Whenever we share content via ‘Social Media’ we always attempt to stick to the ‘House Rules’ and if we ever overstep the account rules then we will take whatever steps that are appropriate to undo any wrongdoing. We do not set out to break any rules but sharing information and free speech should not be illegal, curtailed or withheld just because you do not like the message or information being conveyed. DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER.All of our Social Media posts are again for information only and we will, where appropriate change, update or delete any posts which are bought to our attention as violating one or more rules of our accounts.
  13. We do not have control over the links our ‘Fans’, ‘Followers’ or readers choose to post and whilst we will do everything in our power to ensure nothing harmful appears within our social media Pages, Groups or comments we cannot police every single like, share, comment and link on every post we make. We simply do not have the resources to deliver such comprehensive monitoring of our Social Media and rely on feedback from the websites we are members of to help us police such matters.


We believe in free and fair use of copyrighted material. Use of any original work from Canna-Base can be reproduced with the correct accreditation to our website. A link to our homepage is all we ask, or better still the page you are quoting or referring to.

  1. For non original content we assert the right to ‘Fair Use’ and if you feel that we have overstepped, PLEASE TELL US, we are not here to upset or annoy other members of the community.
  2. If you spot something incorrect, from factual statements to typos or functionality malfunctions such as broken links, missing pages or other such issues with our website PLEASE contact [email protected] and share your issue and we will do our very best to update, change or fix the problem as quickly as we can.


  1. PLEASE leave the website if you do not agree with, support or understand that we are providing nothing more than information about a plant that has for thousands of years been part of the natural pharmacological toolkit of human beings. To restrict access due to political pressure is morally wrong, when that plant could aid, relieve and alleviate suffering for many people.
  2. Our goal is the free use of cannabis for medical purposes and should it be appropriate for recreational use too. However one final note; WE DO NOT CONDONE LAW BREAKING OR ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE ANY ACTION THAT IS LIKELY TO RISK A FINE OR A CUSTODIAL SENTENCE. We are all adults on this site and we accept responsibility for OUR actions so you must ensure that you are willing to accept responsibility for the actions you take too.

Thank you for your attention and we hope that you understand us stating all the above plainly and without equivocation.