Canna-Base Pain Chart Tracking Spreadsheet

We have created a simple, but useful pain chart to track your pain levels. Monitoring your pain levels with our simple pain chart helps you see what medication works. Changes to your treatment, diet or other lifestyle factors can all affect your pain levels. Keeping a record of how you perceive your pain shows how effective your medicine and dosage is over time.

Home grown and natural remedies vary in strength from batch to batch and grower to grower. How you perceive pain also changes, variations in metabolism and systemic changes to what and how often you eat all affect perception. Even the weather and personal lifestyle or environmental changes make a difference to how you perceive your pain levels.

How does the Pain Chart Work?

The download below is a simple spreadsheet to help you track your pain over time. The CannaBase pain chart gives you a historical record of what works and what doesn’t. Now you can see how effective your pain management is. At a glance you can see which strains and methods of ingestion are working for you. Also understand what is happening to your mood and level of function.

Using our pain chart to track your progress, you will see after a few months if you are making progress, if you are then celebrate!

The pain chart is designed to be very easy to use, with a single entry to track not only pain levels but your overall mood too. We’d suggest that you track your mood at the same time every day. Also keep a note of any external factors affecting your overall mood. Keeping a note of holidays, changes in diet or other positive or negative factors occurring on a day to day basis.

Please let us know if you think this chart can be improved in any way. We are always open to any kind of feedback, it’s what drives our progress.

Download CannaBase Pain Tracking Chart V6