The Cannabis Groups Facebook Doesn’t Want You to See

As of the 6th August 2018 Facebook started to filter and remove specific groups from their search results. Search on Facebook has always been a bit of a hit/miss affair, but now they have removed the ability for users to search for ANY Cannabis Groups, or Marijuana Groups and related searches. You also find no Cannabis Pages or Marijuana Pages either when you try and search for any content to do with Cannabis or Marijuana, apart from videos. None. Nadda. Nix. As of the 8th August 2018 this was what you see when you search for Cannabis in the Facebook Search.

Go on try it! You can’t find anything apart from videos relating to the search terms for Cannabis, Marijuana and all associated search terms. Whilst this is Facebook’s right to reduce/remove functionality, we believe the only reason to do this is to try and stop or reduce the effective use of Facebook as a way for Cannabis users to share information.

“Censorship” is perhaps too harsh a word, as Facebook is a private company and has the right to allow or disallow specific content based on nothing more than their own internal policies. However we believe that if there is information “out there” then it should be freely available. What next? An outright removal of ALL Facebook groups and Facebook pages with any mention of Cannabis or Marijuana? Of course they can do this if they feel it is in their own interests, but that will affect a LARGE number of people who may choose to look elsewhere to connect with other like minded people. Taken to the extreme, this could see anyone who is a member of a group or who may have liked a page for Cannabis or Marijuana being banned or having their accounts suspended. Who knows, but it is their platform and they can do what they like…

With all that in mind, we have put together a list of over 400 groups that might be useful for users of Facebook who wish to share their thoughts and connect with other cannabis users, medical or recreational. If you have ANY groups that are not mentioned or are running a group that you would like to see added then please do. We are working to improve the list and make it as usable as possible for our site visitors.

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Medical Cannabis Facebook Groups

Mothers Mary Group

Cannabis Heals

VA Veterans For Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

Clinical Cannabis Care

Cannabis – Gift Of Gaia

Medical Marijuana Patients And Caregivers In Jackson

Cannabinoid Crusaders

Medical Cannabis Oil

Stoners With Pain

Ronnie Smith Cannabis Oil Success

CBD&Thc Medicine Info For Cancer

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical Cannabis Growers

Cannabis Oil Solvent Think Tank

Cannabis Oil… “The Cure”

Texans For Medical Marijuana

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients

Maintaining My Recovery With Cannabis: Support Group

Medical Cannabis Oil Making Uk


Med Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil And Medi-Paws, Natures Alternative

Medical Cannabis Canada Association

Cannabis Oil Advice With Friends

Ecs Support

Michigan Medical Marijuana Grower

Making Cannabis Oil With Friends

Grandpa Bill’s Magic Garden

Medical Marijuana 4 Florida

Relief Of Pain Using Cannabis And Other Herbal Remedies.

Medical Marijuana For Cancer And Any Other Disease Process

Cannabis Oil Advice & Information For People & Pets

Cannabis For Rsd And Chronic Pain

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patients, Growers, And Caregivers

Cannabis-Budwig Made Simple

Success With Cannabis (Medical Marijuana)

Cannabis/Hemp Co2 Extracts

Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil Advice

Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Cannabis Raw, Uncut & Unfiltered

Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Medical Marijuana Growers Of Ma

Cannabis/Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis

I Deserve Canna

Australian Cannabis Products

Medical Marijuana – Cannabis Extract Research

Cannabis Oil Advice Down Under

Medical Cannabis South Africa

Global Cannabis Education

Illinois Medical Cannabis Community

New Mexico Compassionate Cannabis Patients Advocates

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

Healing With Cannabis

Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Cannabinoids Are Essential

Miracles Of Cannabis

United Patients Alliance

The Medical Pot Guide

Cannabis Oil & Natural Cures.. Dundee, Scotland.


CBD Facebook Groups


Growing Cannabis Facebook Groups

Autoflower Growers Worldwide

Club Cannabis – “ScrOG” Style Growing.

Home Grower Consulting

Organic Cannabis Growers Helping Growers

Cannabis Growers Worldwide

Marijuana Growers Helping Growers

Cannabis Growers Helping Growers

Weedbook Growers Helping Other Weedbook Growers Worldwide

Growing Cannabis With Led Lighting

420 People Growing

Cannabis Master Growers Group

Cannabis Grow Tips And Advise

Nectar For The Gods Growers

Colorado Advanced Growers Guide

Cannabis Growers Collective Worldwide

Humble!!! Marijuana Growers Group

THC: The Helpful Cannabis Cultivators

Growers Br

Oregon Marijuana Growers

Washington Dc Cannabis Growers

Marijuana Growers

MA Grow Corner

Oregon New Cannabis Grower’s Q&A

Basic To Advanced Cannabis Growers

Cannabis Autoflower Growers

Marijuana Growers Helping Growers

Cannabis Growers Group

Help And Tips On Growing Cannabis Indoors(Over 21 Only)

Led Growers And Builders Forum

Cannabis Growers Elite – Beginners

Advanced Cannabis Growers

Colorado Marijuana Growers Networking Group

Cannabis Culture Club

Cannabis Growers United

Medical Cannabis Outdoor/Guerilla Growing

Cannabis Growing Tips N’ Tricks

Growing Weed University

Adopt A Grower (Cannabis) Seasoned Growers Dedicating Their Time.

Grow Room Sa

Cannabis Growers Of All Types In The Us

The South African Cannabis Growers Club

Dagga Cup

Cannabis Growers Helping Cannabis Growers

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Acmpr Grow Your Own

Cannabis Grow 101

Northwest Cannabis Cultivators

Cannabis Growers Lounge

California Marijuana Growers

Cannabis Growers Resource Group


Recreational/General Cannabis Facebook Groups

Stoner Nation (Original)

Cannabis World

Marijuana Club

Smoke Clubs

Plants Of The Gods

Canadians For Cannabis

For The Love Of Cannabis!

Kush Kommunity

N.H.S 420 Breeding Project

Smoke Buddies Legalize Rj (Official)

Autoflower Network


Cannabis Growers Community Forum

Bud Smokers Only

The THC Tabernacle


Herb Connoisser’s

Marihuana 4:20

Bean Collectors And Traders

Cannabis Vip Club

Cannabis Vip Club

High Times Ftw

Hemp For Life!


Cannabis Knowledge


Marijuana Supporters

One Love. Reggae, Roots, Peace, Herb & Love.

Marijuana Manifest

Project Mayhem 4.20

Cannabis Club

First Class Stoners™

Maine Cannabis Closet

Cannabis Fishing Club

Weed It’s A Herb, It’s A Flower !!!

Top Shelf Cannabis Club/Social House

Stonerhomie Group

The Berkshire Marijuana Initiative


Blunt Graffix

420 Tokers Club

Blood Type: THC

Australian Cannabis Association

Pot Pix

Cannabis Country

Stoners Worldwide

Proud Stonerz

Smoke RxD

Proud Stoners 21+

The Seed Bank

Your Boy Matt

Weed Lovers


Hightimes Cannabis Cup, Festivals,

Stoners High Vibes 18+

420 Lounge


The Cannabis Cave

Cannabis Blacklist Directory


Cannabis SOS

Canna Get High?


Sexy Weed People

Squad 420

420 People

Herb N Loving

Rasta Revolution

Cheech’s Canna Seed Traders Nationwide

Cannabis Club

Dagga Union Of South Africa

Weed Community

Stoners Nation

Cannaworlds Off-Topic Corner

Stoners United

Minnesota Marijuana


420live Official

Marijuana Everything

Cannabis Seeds Worldwide

420 Dutch High Life

420 Members United

I Love Cannabis

Smokers Only

The Weed Smokers

420 Munchies

My Marijuana News

Ganja Music Network

Green Is The Way

Weed Smokers

Cannabis In Canada

Cape Town Stoners

Stoners Of The Universe 420


Sinsemilla Tips Magazine

The Cannabis Coven XX

Pothead Universe -Stoners Lounge

Cannabis Australia

Tokers R Us. -Marijuana Enthusiasts

420 Directory

The Stoner Family

Stoners Of Wentworth

Cannabis Smoke Buddies

Marihuana 4:20

Alaska Weed

Cannabis Nation

420rc (Radio Control)

Smoked Out Stoners

Dabs On Dabs

Bong Blackmarket

Canna4 Life Movement Texas

Smoke Nation Worldwide Kronic 420

Marijuana Home

Weed Nanny

Girls & Ganja

Marijuana Club

Stoner Jeeps

Cannabis Horror

Colorado Cannabis Club

My Cannabis Bud™

420 People Social

Dc Cannabis Station


High Life

High Honors – Stoner Social Network

710 Official

Michigan Marijuana

Reefer Madness Highposting

The Autoflower Network #2


Weed Smokers 18+

420 News World Headquarters

I Love Pot 420

Real Washington Dc Recreational Marijuana


Fans Of Cannabis! (Foc)

Why Do You Use Cannabis

The Stoner’s Lounge

The Cannabis Cafe

Smokers Lounge (Biggest Freaks)

Smoke Green & Post Memes

Cannabis Live

Pontefract C.C

Ganja Dreams

Weed Dispensary Reviews

Pothead Park

420SA Facebook Forum

Canna Plants Bazaar

Cannabis Without Borders

World’s Best Pot Heads

Ganja Film Network

100% Stoners

Stoners Worldwide

World Of Weed

Kush & Converse

Weedbook Ca

Friends Who Love Herb

Cannabis Connoisseur Community

The Smokers Chat Room


The Best Of The Best Cannabis Gr

Green Oil Machine Users Group

4:20 Friendly- Friends And Memes


Stoners Paradise

Proud Stoners 420

Smokers Lounge Live

Keep On The Grass

Ganja Universe


Welcome To The Stoners Table

Cannabis Lovers Live Stream

Dank Daze

Cannabis Culture By Original Seeds

Hash Church

Weed Australia

Stoned To The Bone

Cannabis Lovers

St Johns 420

Marijuana Events In Maine

Stoners Paradise Presents, Stogíes & Stílettos

Canna Seed Collectors Trading Group

Chicago Stoner Nation

Do You Dab?? 420

Weed Group

American Weed Smokers Club


The Herb House

Social Stoners

Calgary Cannabis Club

Food For Pot

420 Cannabis Connection


Awesome Stoners

Skyrim Stoners (17+)

Cannabis News, Quotes, And Info

Canna Family

Weed Memes&Info

Cannabis Comedy(United Cannabis World)

We Love Weed

Dabz B Us

Sacramento 420 Social

I Smoke Weed


Proud Stoners Community


All Things Cannabis (United Cannabis World)

Stoner G.A.N.G.

Weed Nation


United Cannabis World (United Cannabis World)T.M

Its World Of Cannabis

Lungs Of Steel 2.0

Adventures Of A Stoner Society

International Association Of Charas And Ganjah (United Cannabis World)

420 Lounge

420 Stoners

Mobile Stoner Lounge

The 420 Connection

Weedfeedz Stoners Group 420

Moonchild 420

Dabshack Live

Thc Talk Uk

Proud Stoners


All About The Mary Jane


Tokers And Jokers (Adult Deluxe)

Free Marijuana Home

The Green Rush

Cannaparents Uncensored

#Friendly 420 Worldwide

Rate My Herb


Canna World Join Us

Best Buds Atlanta

Blazin Gardens (Adults Only)

Daily Marijuana Users

Dank Memes Squad

Tokers And Jokers (For Adults)

The Og Smokers Chat Room

The Rst Family | Weed Pics

Sativa Indica

Everything About Weed ( E.A.W )

Smoke And Talk

Weed Be®®¥

Smokers And Tokers Of Colorado

Cannabis Club South Africa

Proud To Be Stoners

420 Beards & Babes International

This Buds For You

Maryjane Place

Cannabis Highlights

Weedhub’s 420 Lounge

Cannabis Connoisseurs

Canna Bliss Cafe Cannabis & Hemp – Whole Plant For Health

Largest 420 Facebook Group Ever

Weed Smokers

420 All Day

Blazed And Confused

We Dab Live

Rasta Is Everywhere

Stoners Around The World

International Highlife

Worldwideweed Army

Ketogenic Stoners

Pnw Dabs Together

Stoners Hotbox



Green Hat Gals 🌿👒💚

Cheri Sicard’s Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks


Cannabis Legalization Movement Facebook Groups


Archived Cannabis Facebook Groups

One thought on “The Cannabis Groups Facebook Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. Robert Behm

    This is pretty sad! With all the garbage that Facebook does allow! I have a Chronic disease called CIDP and have utilized Florida Cannabis Group for a lot of help and advice as a new MJ user. I for one have gotten off of 3 pharmaceuticals and also a leg brace. I hope the Pharmaceutical lobbyist have not gotten to Facebook too like they have our poloticians in FL. They want to stop all use of marijuana has it is hurting their bankbook!


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