13 Ways to Manage an Uncomfortably Strong Cannabis High

Uh Oh I’ve gone and done it this time, took far too much and am now in for a wild ride.

Fear not…

Many people have over medicated with Cannabis and most will tell you similar stories of despair and discomfort.

While overdosing on Cannabis is technically not possible…at least in the sense that nothing bad will happen and you will not die even if it feels like it at the time, over-medicating is very possible.

For the most part you will need to ”ride it out” but there are a few things you can do to make the experience more tolerable.

1)  The first thing to do is try not to panic, remember it will not injure or kill you and by panicking, you only elevate your heart rate and increase the chances of an uncomfortable experience. Easier said than done but keep telling yourself that it will pass and that you are safe.

2)  Focus on positive thoughts as far as possible, think about the people who love you and why they love you. Think about pets, friends, fond holiday memories or anything that will keep your mind in a positive space.

3) Reach for the CBD. Often a difficult experience will occur when a person has ingested too much THC and not enough CBD. By adding additional CBD to your system it will actually tone down the THC high and also has a calming and anti-anxiety effect.

4) Make sure you stay hydrated, small sips of water regularly will do the job.

5) Try and have a light snack, low blood sugar is a side effect of overdoing it so a light snack or even a coke or some sugar water should help. Limonene is a terpene that modulates THC’s effect on the brain so squeezing a fresh lemon into a glass of water should help too.

6) Try meditative and deep breathing. Done correctly this will calm you down and restore peace to your over-stimulated mind.

7) Repeat mantras like ”this will pass”, ”I am safe”.

8) Try and remain comfortable, listen to some gentle music or put a mindless comedy on and try and focus on that while lying down. Do NOT watch the news, anything violent or overly emotional.

9) You can try adding a few drops of sedating essential oils to your pillow while you are lying down. Lavender in particular works very well as does Copaiba.

10) Try and get someone to look after you and keep you comfortable. It’s best if you can stay lying down so that when you are able to sleep, you can sleep the rest of it off.

11) Anecdotal evidence suggests that crushing up some black peppercorns and smelling them as well as eating a few will help. The thought behind this is that black pepper contains a lot of Beta Caryophellene which is known to calm down Cannabis highs and has an anti-anxiety effect.

12) It’s not the most pleasant thing to do when you are already too high but taking a cold shower can quickly tone things down. Often too much THC can lead to a bit of panic which elevates the heart rate. Cold water causes what is known as the diving reflex – sometimes called mammalian diving reflex. This will slow your heart rate down and help you to regulate your breathing. If you cannot tolerate a cold shower, holding your breath and submerging your face in cold water should do the job too.

13) Citicoline has been discovered to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. Dr Janet Sweeney from Phoenix Tears says that patients undergoing Cannabis extract therapy have reported that citicoline ‘’cuts the high’’ to more manageable levels. Users have reported that negative effects such as paranoia or anxiety are considerably reduced by the supplement which is also known to improve memory and attention.

– Seek medical treatment if you feel you cannot ride it out on your own.

Ideally you never want to end up in this position which is why we recommend that you micro-dose throughout the day and always start slow and build up.

Often bad experiences are a result of not having much of a tolerance. Once you have built a bit of a tolerance, even if you do overdo it you should be able to ”ride it out” more comfortably.

The last thing we want is for people who could otherwise benefit greatly from Cannabis to be put off by a bad experience.

Think of it like alcohol, if you have barely touched a drink before and drink half a bottle of vodka in 5 minutes you are going to have a bad time. If you are used to drinking and drink half a bottle of vodka over the entire day, chances are you will be fine. It’s an example, not condoning alcohol abuse here 🙂

Hopefully you will never have an experience like that but at least you know now what you can do if you did happen to over-medicate.

Cannabis has a remarkable ability to show you yourself or your life from a different perspective. It’s also an enhancer so any negativity you are feeling could be amplified. If you can break through this and realize that there is nothing to fear you could very well learn a great deal from this experience.

Many people report some incredible epiphanies and life changing realizations from inadvertently overdoing it. Try to find the learning or self improving aspect of the experience.


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