The Problems with Street Weed

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Even in countries and states where Cannabis is legal, people are still buying from shady street corner weed dealers for several reasons, the most obvious being cost.

The prices at many of the dispensaries can be exceptionally high and therefore limits availability to the people who need it most as medicine.

Everyone from teenagers to pensioners have been buying street weed since time immemorial for recreational purposes and for the most part it has served its purpose but when it comes to medicinal use of Cannabis, there are a number of factors to consider.

We understand sometimes there are no dispensaries in the area or other factors at play and truthfully we don’t believe in dispensaries except for when you are getting started with Cannabis medicine or if you can afford the convenience. Growing your own is not only frugal and sensible but it is also cathartic.

Our suggestion is always to grow your own medicine for a number of reasons:

– You are always in control of the medicine you produce.

– You know exactly what fertilizers or additives you are using.

-Over time your growing skills will improve and so will the quality of your end product.

– It’s much cheaper and once you have your system set up, the peripherals like coco, nutrients, seeds etc are relatively cheap to replenish.

– By having a perpetual system of growing and keeping a mother plant, you could keep the exact phenotype of the exact strain that best fits your needs. This then becomes your staple strain and you can experiment with others to see if there is an even better one out there.

– Having surplus amounts allows you to experiment and make different types of Cannabis medicine to see which suits your needs best.

– If there is a surplus you can either swap strains with other medicinal users to see if their strain is more effective for your needs or even better, you could also donate some medicine to someone who may need it but cannot afford to buy it.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy Weed off the Guy on the Street Corner, His is Cheaper?

There are a few reasons to be wary of anyone selling Cannabis solely for profit and this can include dispensaries, especially those with a shady reputation:

– Cannabis from dealers often still has residual chemical nutrients within the buds because it is highly unlikely that an illegal grower is adhering to health and safety protocol and rather than flush the plant of nutrients for the last week to 10 days they generally will keep feeding them fertilizer to try and fatten them up further.

– The buds will almost definitely not be cured properly. Why would they hold onto pounds of product that could land them in trouble with the law? Improperly stored buds also run the risk of developing mold, powdery mildew and other contaminants which can make a person very sick.

– Improperly cured buds can often lead to additional ‘’raciness’’ and is far more likely to induce anxiety or paranoia for the user.

– The strains used will generally be very high in THC or be selected for high yields. Their goal is to get their customers very stoned rather than looking for a balanced Cannabinoid profile that is beneficial for medical ailments.

– The Cannabis could be laced with anything, sometimes even something dangerous like PCP.

When to use Dispensaries

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones with an easily accessible medical Cannabis dispensary nearby you may already have even sampled their goods.

The quality of their buds, edibles etc are often quite superb considering the buds generally have been well grown.

This is one advantage but there are a few drawbacks to using them too.

The first is the cost, there is no doubt that if you are utilizing Cannabis as a long term medicine for your chronic pain condition, then setting up your own grow will pay for itself very quickly and you will be in complete control of your own meds.

We always encourage people to grow their own, there are so many benefits and growing your own medicine is extremely therapeutic.

Another factor is the curing of the bud, considering many of the dispensaries try and move stock as fast as possible in order to make more profit, it’s doubtful that either the growers or the dispensaries do a proper cure. Some do but many don’t even some of the ones that claim they do.

The best part of having a medicinal Cannabis store is that there is plenty of variety for you to choose from. As discussed in our guide many strains offer different therapeutic values and the old adage applies here: a strain for every pain.

It makes a lot of sense to try different varieties not just of buds but tinctures, edibles or oils too and see what works for you.

We have shown you in our guide, how to make various kinds of medicine but by having the option to buy and try before committing to growing a strain or making a particular kind of medicine, you could already have a rough idea of how well it works for you.

Another benefit is often their strains will be lab tested and this means you will get a breakdown of the Cannabinoid and Terpene profile.

This again is extremely helpful in putting together the picture of which cannabinoids or which blends work well for you.

For example THCv which is more prevalent in African Sativas could be a Cannabinoid that you find helps your pain but unless you had a data sheet you would never have known this.

Our advice on dispensaries is quite simple, try their products to get an overall feel for the strains and the types of medicines you would perceivably use and then grow your own with a view to applying what you have learnt.

Rather try a bit of everything than buying up ounces of one particular strain. Once you have an idea of what works then you can buy larger quantities of that particular strain until you can get your own grow operational.

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