Optimal Temperatures and Humidity for Cannabis Plants in Vegetation

Humidity and Temperature for Vegetation

Optimal Temperature

Between 70 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 – 29 degrees Celsius).

Optimal Humidity

60 – 70% rH for vegetative growth.


Increasing Humidity

Although a humidifier would be the simplest way to increase the relative humidity in your grow room, there are a few easy and free things to try first;

  • Gently spraying the walls of the tent with some water, being careful not to let the droplets touch the bulb especially if it is very hot.
  • Adding a bowl of water to the grow tent, the larger the surface area the more water will evaporate.
  • Adding a wet towel, make sure it is clean and can dry out fast – the last thing you want is a bug infestation.

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