When Do Buds Start to Form?

When you start the flowering cycle the plant will typically go through the stretch period for around 3 weeks.

Unless a strain has very little stretch you will likely see some explosive growth for these first weeks with some white pistols appearing.

Bud development has begun and you will see more and more of these calyxes (pistols) forming where the plant is developing bud sites.

One thing to be aware of is the flowering times on the Seed Bank websites are usually an estimate of the fastest possible time to flower under perfect conditions and grown by professionals.

Quite often you should flower them for an extra week or two.  There are a couple of reasons for this, the first is to maximise your yield and also because we want our buds to ripen quite a bit for added pain killing power.

You want to keep the flowering period as uneventful as possible to reduce stress to your plants that could lead to a reduction in yield and quality.

In vegetation the plants can recover from various stresses simply by giving them a little more time to overcome them but during flowering any efforts to repair damage done or stressed caused, will be at the expense of the final product.

We are trying to replicate the seasonal changes so it is ideal if you can slightly lower the temperatures for the flowering period.

Reducing the humidity is even more important.

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