Why Cannabis and Not Marijuana

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You may be wondering why even though the word Marijuana is a very ingrained in American culture, we tend to use the word Cannabis. Cannabis used as medicine is a significant part of American history. It was used mainly in the form of tinctures and very commonly prescribed for various ailments.

It’s only when a mass influx of legal Mexican immigrants came into the country between 1910 and 1920 to seek asylum from civil war that smoking Cannabis for recreational purposes became very popular as they brought the practice with them.

This of course brought with it a fear of the unknown and the term Marijuana became associated with the recreational smoking of the plant rather than its practical medicinal uses.

As the hysteria grew, especially in the Southern states about these immigrants bringing with them ‘’evil practices’’ which would corrupt the weak willed youth, the term became etched in society’s psyche not only as a derogatory term for the use of Cannabis but also perhaps the immigrants themselves.

Now, a word only has the power we assign it but considering there are many parts of the world that are deprived of safe treatment of their conditions through ignorance, we would like to champion the term that actually implies medicinal rather than recreational use.

We have no problem with either the word Marijuana nor its cultural roots but there is a very clear distinction between recreational and medicinal use.

Will the awakening from this hysteria induced slumber come from using different terminology? Doubtful but it does help to erode the stigma attached to the plant and distinguish medicinal use from recreational use or even abuse.

To cloud the issue even further there are Cannabis breeders who are giving their strains that they create very controversial names such as ‘’Green Crack’’ and ‘’Herijuana’’. Green crack in particular is supposedly very good for migraines and Herijuana is supposed to be a great strain for general pain relief hence its implied effects of heroin/marijuana combined.

Now if these are the only strains available that help with certain types of pain and users experience massive relief from them, we are not against using them but as a general rule we try to avoid promoting strains with names that only hurt the cause of ending prohibition. It’s a marketing gimmick that is outright irresponsible to the cause.

How many times have we heard about how much stronger Cannabis is today and therefore how dangerous it is? We don’t need the additional hysteria from ignorant members of society who believe that Cannabis should be scheduled alongside hard drugs.

Back to the term Marijuana, we don’t have a problem with it and may even use it from time to time but the term Cannabis, we believe is the proper term for the uses we want from the herb and that is medicinal first and foremost. Perhaps the distinction could help with demonstrating to the public that there is a difference between use/abuse and genuine medicinal need.

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