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By now you probably understand that in order to get the maximum benefit from your buds you need to decarboxylate them before you ingest them. Cannabis does not contain many active cannabinoids such as THC and CBD when it has been freshly picked and dried but rather contains much higher variations of these cannabinoids in their acid form, so instead of THC and CBD your bud will have an abundance of THCa and CBDa. This isn’t a problem if you are smoking or vaping your buds as the heat from the combustion or vaping will activate these cannabinoids but if you are choosing to ingest your buds in the form of tinctures, oils and lotions, the process of decarboxylation becomes essential.

While these acid forms of Cannabinoids have therapeutic benefits of their own, properly decarbed (activated) cannabinoids are preferable for the management of conditions such as chronic pain.

Why Should I use a Precision Decarboxylator?

Conventional decarboxylation methods such as putting your herb in the oven can often lead to unpredictable results which makes dosing exceptionally difficult. This isn’t ideal when we are trying to find the balance between relief and functionality through measured and regular dosing.

There are a few reasons for this but quite often the cause is something as simple as the oven not reaching the same temperature as the dial says it is. There is also often uneven heat distribution and without proper lab testing with your very own equipment, it’s almost impossible to get decarboxylation spot on.

If you under decarb your medicine will not be as active, potent and bio-available as it should be and if you over-decarb there is a good chance much of your THC will degrade to CBN which may be a useful Cannabinoid but it does not have the same pain killing power as THC and can even lead to some extreme drowsiness if too much is ingested.

Decarboxylation also becomes trickier when CBD is activated at higher temperatures than THC is, so finding the balance of the perfect decarb is no easy job and is one of the primary reasons why dosing with ingestible Cannabis can be so wildly unpredictable.

When you consider the cost of high grade bud from a dispensary, wouldn’t you want to maximize your medicine instead of wasting much of the medicinal benefit every time you convert your buds into tinctures or oils?

Introducing the Nova Precision Decarboxylator

An accurate, hassle free decarb machine that decarbs your bud perfectly at the touch of a button, for patients who don’t want to smoke or vape but need relief.

  • Save MORE by maximizing and utilizing every bit of THC with a FULL decarb.
  • Feel like a Cannabis expert preparing your own medicine for oral, sublingual, and topical use.
  • No more worrying about toasting your bud in the oven.
  • Make strain specific edibles and taste the difference.
  • No more decarbing around your neighbors’ schedule to avoid possible suspicion and judgment.
  • Easy to setup and use straight out of the box.

What about the Terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils of the Cannabis plant that give it its flavor, coloring and scent. These terpenes have immense therapeutic value and interact with Cannabinoids to create an entourage effect, meaning that the therapeutic value of your meds as a whole will be better than the sum of its parts. The Nova decarboxylates at the lowest possible temperature to maintain the terpene profile of the plant so you can enjoy the maximum benefit possible.


Not only does the Nova do a perfect decarb, it also sterilizes your bud by killing spores and microbes that could be harmful to your health. Unfortunately even Cannabis grown professionally can contain contaminants and more often than not traces of insect faeces can be found. While this isn’t the biggest problem when smoking your bud ingesting this is not ideal and is just plain gross.

Is it worth the price?

Considering you will be extracting the maximum medicinal benefit from your buds with nothing going to waste, evaporating or being burned off, not only will your buds go further but you will also be able to accurately measure dosage and build your tolerance incrementally until you can find the level of functional relief you deserve. When your medicine goes further you will be saving money so it shouldn’t take long until this reasonably priced machine pays for itself.

This product comes highly recommended by Canna-Base as a very useful tool for any medicinal Cannabis user who prefers ingesting their buds over smoking or vaping.

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