How Long To Keep Cannabis Plants in Vegetation

One of the biggest problems with tent growing is that we are limited by the height of it. Bear in mind we also need about a foot’s distance between the light and the top of the plants to prevent them from burning plus the light itself takes up some of the space.

We want to find a good balance between light penetration and heat.

We suggest a 3-5 week vegetation period.  It’s very difficult to suggest an exact amount of time because there are so many varying factors.

The first to consider is that once we initiate flowering (changing the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 off), is that your plants will seemingly go into beast mode for usually the first 3 weeks. They can grow inches overnight and this is known as the stretch.

Some Cannabis plants stretch a lot more than others.  For example an Indica plant vegged to about 2 feet could realistically be expected to have a more gentle stretch and end up being around 3 feet tall at the end of the stretch period.

A Sativa on the other hand will usually roughly double in size but on the odd occasion it can triple in size. Generally it will be closer to between double and two and a half times its size but you do need to consider that it can happen.

This is where you may or may not have to do some tying down if the explosive growth means you start running out of vertical height.

Hybrids can go either way and it’s a good idea to look up and see if there is any information of the stretch of the seeds you plan on growing. The breeder’s description in the Seedbank should provide you with an average height of the plant. Most of them do.

Hybrids by nature tend to show traits that could be typical of any of their lineage depending on dominant genes and there is likely to be some variation in phenotypes but to play the percentages if a hybrid is a 70% Indica it’s more likely that it will grow more like an Indica plant.

Even if you get a Sativa phenotype, there should be enough Indica to influence its height to some extent.

Generally for a first grow a 4 week veg cycle would be a good place to start but if they are still looking rather small go the extra week or even two.

If you look at them around the 3-4 week mark and think you will have trouble if they get any bigger than between 2 and 2 and a half times taller, then it’s time to initiate flowering.  When you see the first pistols popping out that is another indication of sexual maturity.

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