Caring for Cannabis Seedlings

Caring for Seedlings

It’s really important to keep conditions ideal for your seedlings, you could use a propagator, which are great for providing a consistent amount of humidity and airflow for your seedlings to thrive or you could simply place them inside final pots inside the tent.

Once they have broken ground they are officially baby Cannabis plants and we want to keep them in a vegetative state which is 18 hours of light a day.


Nutrients for Seedlings

Cannabis seedlings have enough stored energy to last a few days without nutrients. If you are using the Rapid Rooters they will contain seedling appropriate nutrients.

If you haven’t used Rapid Rooters and are growing straight from your medium we suggest that you give them PH’ed water only for the first 3-5 days, thereafter you can give them a quarter strength of the nutrients ( of what’s recommended on the bottle) until they are approximately 10 days to 2 weeks old.

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