Cannabis Germination – The Fool-Proof Methods

Method 1: The Water Soaking Method

This is as simple as it gets and actually the germination rate is very high provided you are using genuine viable seeds.
Simply place your seed in a glass of slightly warm water for 24 hours prior to planting. This should ‘’awaken’’ the seed and the little white taproot should start to show within 24 hours or so.

At first the seeds are likely to float at the top of the waterline but after a few hours of soaking a gentle nudge should see them sink to the bottom.

There is minimal risk using this approach and of course it is free and extremely simple.
We wouldn’t recommend leaving them any longer than 24 hours, after about 2 days submerged in water they could possibly drown and you would have killed off an otherwise good seed but we have seen great germination rates at the 24-30 hour mark.

It’s very common to see the taproot emerging or at least seeing the shell of the seed splitting with the taproot just visible between the crack after a day in water.
If this doesn’t happen it doesn’t necessarily mean that the seed is not viable, it may just need a bit more time. Nature works on her schedule, not ours.

After 24 hours, simply remove the seed very carefully using a teaspoon or tweezers. Try not to touch the taproot at all. Then place the seed into your medium with the root facing down.
You don’t want to place the seed too far into the medium; about half an inch will work just fine. The easiest way to do this is to take a pen and poke a half inch hole in the soil or coco and gently drop the seed in.

Method 2: Rapid Rooters

Rapid rooters are starter plugs for seeds. They are extremely easy to use and remove much of the risk and guesswork.
They already have a hole for the seed and are fortified with seedling nutrients to get your seedling off to a great start.

All that is really needed is to keep your seed warm and moist. It really couldn’t be easier to get great germination results.
There is only one downside to rapid rooters. Although relatively cheap they only come in packets of 50 or more.

Once the packaging is opened there is a good chance they will dry out within a few weeks unless you can find a way to preserve them.
General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs 50 count

How Long Should a Cannabis Seed Take to Sprout?

Seeds usually take around 3-5 days to sprout provided the conditions are suitable for them. They may take a bit longer and waiting a week is not uncommon.
If you want to be entirely certain, wait 10 days to 2 weeks but if it’s taking that long chances are it wasn’t a viable seed. It does happen from time to time but if you purchase from quality Seed Banks you should have excellent germination rates.

Whether you are using rapid Rooters or not it is very important to keep the seedling and the medium around it moist, you don’t want to drown it but you don’t want it to dry out either and that could lead to your seedling stalling or aborting.

A simple spray bottle will do the trick so that you can lightly mist the medium 2-3 times a day. Be careful to mist around the stem and not directly on the seedling as the light can be magnified through water droplets and burn the seedling.


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