Trimming and Drying Your Cannabis Buds


This part is quite labour intensive so prepare a comfortable spot, call in some help from friends if you can, turn on the TV or some music and get ready to harvest and trim your buds.

The first thing to do is not get carried away and just take down the whole plant, rather cut off one branch at a time and work systematically.

You will need is some rubber gloves. If you don’t use gloves you will need some rubbing alcohol to get the sticky resin off your hands and even with alcohol it is no easy task.

You will need some strong pruning shears to cut through some of the thicker branches.


Wintape 8 Inch Professional Pruning Shears Garden Scissors

You will also need some fine tip pruning shears to remove the fan and sugar leaves.

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The simplest way to trim is by taking one branch at a time and turning it upside down. Here you will see the larger fan leaves sticking out from underneath the buds. These are very easy to snip off.

Once you have removed all of the fan leaves on that branch it’s time to set them aside and to focus on trimming and collecting the sugar leaves.  A baking tray or breadboard will work fine for this.

All we are doing here is simply manicuring the buds, we are snipping all of the excess leaf material sticking out of the bud.

You don’t have to get too carried away, get the majority of it off but if you are planning on smoking or vaping the more you get off the smoother the smoke/vape will be.

Your scissors and gloves will be covered in sticky dark resin. This is essentially hash, try and scrape as much as you can off the scissors and gloves and roll it into a ball.

Hash can be used like bud and be smoked, vaped or made into edibles, be careful though it is very concentrated. If you smoke or vape it you may find it quite different to buds. It is often a very strong but clear head high that works well for pain.

Drying Your Buds

After harvesting and trimming all of the excess leaves off your buds, there is the very important process of drying and curing them.

Drying them in a controlled environment is essential, what we are looking for is to dry them as slowly as we can while also being careful to prevent mold.

This usually takes between 5-7 days. What we are looking for is buds that have dried sufficiently but at the same time are not crunchy or over-dried.

When you squeeze the beds they should have some softness to them but at the same time they should feel dry to the touch.

The best way to do it is to hang them upside down in complete darkness while being careful not to let the buds touch each other. After a few days you can try and snap some of the smaller stems, if they snap in half it’s dry but be careful not to let them get too dry.

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