Ordering Cannabis Seeds – What You Need to Know

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How to Successfully Order Cannabis Seeds

Owning, germinating and growing cannabis seeds is illegal in some countries. Be sensible, seek legal advice and understand the law surrounding these plants where you live. Be aware of the punishments and fines you’ll incur when growing cannabis before deciding to grow your own.

When it comes to obtaining cannabis seeds the options available can be confusing. Many people grow unknown cannabis strains from random seeds found in cannabis they have bought. This is known as ‘Bag Seed’ but there are a couple of problems with Bag Seed:

1) There is usually no real way of telling what genetics the seeds come from and what medicinal properties the strain has. There are too many unknowns and even something as simple as knowing if a plant will stay short and compact or will be tall and branchy, can help you ascertain what is best for you and your growing set-up.

2) When it comes to making medicine from cannabis we are after the female plants. You want the female flowers (buds) to make your medicine. Male plants do contain Cannabinoids and terpenes but in much lower volumes. ‘Bag Seeds’ are just ‘regular seeds’ meaning that once sprouted the plant could be either male or female it’s all down to how lucky you are.

Why Female Plants are Better

The potency of medicine from male plants is sub-standard when compared to female plants. However they are not useless and many people make edibles, hash and tinctures from male plants
rather than wasting them. When a female plant is sexually mature, it will start producing flowers. As an attempt to attract male pollen they will start pushing out trichomes (the crystal frosting that covers the buds). These trichomes are what contains the highest concentrations of Cannabinoids and terpenes and as the plant matures it will produce more and more trichomes and the buds will continue to swell until it has reached its peak and is considered fully ripe.

As soon as a female plant is pollinated by a male it will start to focus its energy on producing seeds rather than squeezing out those precious trichomes and the quality of the bud will decrease. Ideally we want to keep our plants seedless and unless you have a desire to start breeding your own Cannabis strains, it’s best to focus only on female plants. Female Cannabis buds devoid of any seeds are known as Sensimelia and are considered far superior in quality to seeded bud. So, when it comes to growing your own plants you are looking for female only seeds that have been bred by two mother plants. This is why buying from a reputable source is usually the best way to start growing your own.

What Happens When I Place an Order?

Seed Banks much like regular banks, they will usually have many very happy customers and a few vocal not so happy ones. It depends on a variety of factors, some of which are outside your control and the Seed Bank’s control too. One of the main problems is customs intercepting a parcel. While it is perfectly legal in the majority of countries to own and collect Cannabis seeds (it’s generally only illegal once it has been put in dirt), the authorities do still confiscate seeds passing through customs. Once confiscated they will generally send you a postcard saying that customs has intercepted your parcel and no further action is taken but you never get your seeds. This is relatively rare but it does happen and countries like Australia are tougher to get seeds through customs.

A good Seed Bank will be familiar with Customs and usually apply some stealth to the parcel. Often additional stealth can be requested for an extra fee. If you do request additional stealth you may have to contact the Seed Bank to ask where they have hidden them in the shipment! If for some reason the parcel never arrives a good Seed Bank will usually just re-send the order. Also when purchasing through a reputable Seed Bank nothing incriminating shows up on your credit card statement.

Tips When Ordering Seeds

Always use a credit card where possible so that if there is some dispute with the Seed Bank you can apply a chargeback on the card.

We are assuming you are growing and using Cannabis in a legal state or country so this should not apply but for extra security, never have seeds delivered to the same address where you will be growing them.

Do not send seeds “Care of” someone who doesn’t know what you are doing, they may open the parcel by mistake and discover the seeds and call the authorities.

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