Getting Started Using Cannabis as Pain Relief

You cannot deny the  words “Marijuana” and “Cannabis” have a certain illegal quality. Laws by many governments around the planet successfully create fear and social taboos around this miraculous plant. Overcoming the biased media and investigating more about using Cannabis to help with chronic pain is not easy. So well done on overcoming your own prejudices to find out more. This plant, that grows readily all over the world, could help you live a more pain-free existence. Canna-Base is here to help you find out more.


What Is Canna-Base?

This website was started when the founders were tired of the same rhetoric offered by the doctors who were often just handing out pills and telling them that they have to live with their pain. They could no longer offer practical help so instead of accepting defeat they went out into the Cannabis community looking for answers, knowing that Cannabis is the only truly sustainable long term pain medicine there is.

They found their own path to reduced prescription medication and met a lot of people along the way who had done the same. This led to a significantly improved quality of life and general well being. The information contained within Canna-Base has most definitely been learned the hard way. The main team that operates the site suffer from long-term chronic conditions that limit our lifestyles; we literally feel your pain.

That is why we want to bring you with us on this journey of discovery so that you too, can tap into the vast amounts of practical experience, collective wisdom and best practices when it comes to managing your chronic pain without pharmaceutical narcotics.

Modern science gives us some wonderful advances, improvements in general health and life expectancy has risen significantly but why don’t Cannabis and Cannabis related products have a place in modern medicine? Researchers find positive health benefits from the plant and it’s many compounds but it’s not used by “big pharma”, why?

Canna-Base looks past years of propaganda, mis-information and lies about the various types of Cannabis. We look at what properties the various strains have to help those suffering from long-term, chronic and ongoing pain. Our goal is to present the facts, share research, user evidence and give clear, helpful information, whatever your pain condition may be.

There’s a lot of bad information out there and Canna-Base brings you an unbiased resource to look at cannabis and cannabis related goods, services & products, perhaps from a different perspective. We want to offer you the chance to review the information in one place and make your own informed choices. We don’t have all the answers but we can promise you we will keep looking for them.

You Can Contribute

Share your experiences with us or if you have any questions, ideas or advice please contact us. We are growing the site all the time and we want to share user experiences so please share yours with us. Who knows your experience could inspire another sufferer or save them countless hours of trial and error. Canna-Base’s aim is to become the best resource for pain sufferers who are already using Cannabis so that we can help them to get as much relief as they can while also introducing others who may be ‘’on the fence’’ to see what Cannabis pain management is really all about.

Our guide “Sweet Leaf Relief” is the best place to get started, a comprehensive beginners guide to Cannabis and pain relief. It contains a step by step process to help you understand Cannabis (medical marijuana) and how it works. If you feel Cannabis is the right answer to treat your condition, the guide will hold your hand through the entire process.

Please Be Advised

Cannabis is a natural product, effects vary from individual to individual and plant strengths change from year to year and grower to grower, much like grapes do for vineyards. Not all users experience the same effects or get the same pain reduction from the same strains or methods of ingestion. See this as a journey of self discovery, accept responsibility for your body, pain health and outcomes.

If you are going to use Cannabis legally to treat your chronic pain, the best ”advice” we can give you is to make peace with Cannabis first. There are zero recorded deaths from Cannabis alone and it is THE  most medicinal and useful plant, known to man. Years of propaganda have lead to very negative connotations about the plant and these are often sub-conscious and can lead to anxiety or guilt about medicating. Isn’t it funny that people can often take strong opiates without guilt or anxiety and many of these opiates are on par with heroin? Certainly in terms of strength and addiction potential, yet these same people have a hard time making peace with Cannabis which has so much more to offer and does not lead to physical dependence.

We cannot and do not prescribe, or recommend a specific strain, product or treatment. The site is here for information purposes only and we highly recommend that you speak to a medical professional if you are already undertaking a course of treatment. Please also make sure the law in your jurisdiction allows for growing, processing and possession of Cannabis, or other products derived from the plant.

We do not recommend or encourage you to break the law in your country. Any links we provide will be on the understanding that you are responsible for any outcomes from any illegal behaviour you undertake. We’re all adults here, and if you’re not, please leave. Continuing to use the site is your own responsibility. We look forward to helping you learn more about this fascinating subject.


The Canna-Base Team

The Secret to Natural Pain Relief


Introduction & comprehensive FREE guide to growing, processing and using cannabis products for help managing chronic pain conditions. Even if you have no garden and zero growing skills or experience.

Always consult your physician when considering a change to your current treatment.