Decarboxylating Cannabis in Boiling Water

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This method is also very simple and there is reason to believe that it could actually retain some additional terpenes too.

What we need to do is vacuum seal our ground bud in a bag and submerging it in boiling water for between 1 hour and 1 hour and 40 minutes.

You will need a deep stock pot and a vacuum sealer.

  • Start boiling water on the stove
  • Grind your herb up
  • Place in a vacuum seal bag and vacuum seal it
  • To keep it submerged, you can also add a weight such as a couple of stainless steel knives and vacuum seal them into the same bag but in a different compartment. This will hold the rest of the vacuum sealed bag under the water
  • Boil for 60-100 minutes. You will need to top up the water periodically with boiling water from the kettle, add an extra 2 minutes to the timer every time you do this.
  • When done, remove the bag with tongs and allow it to cool completely
  • Cut the bag open and remove the decarbed bud.

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