About Us

We are a collective of chronic pain sufferers who have, through years of trial and error found ways to manage our chronic pain naturally, with Cannabis as the cornerstone to our wellness regime.

We understand chronic pain because we live with it day in and day out and are tired of watching people fumble their way through trying to figure out exactly how to get Cannabis to work for their needs.

Most chronic pain patients need relief but not at the expense of functionality and finding the balance can take some trial and error. We have spoken to numerous experts, scoured the web and drawn on the collective wisdom of others, to bring you the best practices of producing your own Cannabis medicine for pain relief.

We are dedicated to continuing to learn about this miraculous plant and its medicinal applications and will update the site and our free guide as we learn better ways of doing things so that you can skip the tremendous learning curve we had to go through.

We are all for Cannabis in every way shape or form. Whether that is medicinal use (which is our primary focus), recreational use and the endless opportunities that Hemp can provide.

We vow to continue to listen to our subscribers so that we can deeply understand your daily challenges and we want to help you to live a more peaceful, normal, functional and rewarding life.

Over time this website will evolve into the number one resource on the web for information and links to help users manage chronic pain with Cannabis and we are working hard at bringing you a platform where you can interact with other medicinal users and pain sufferers and together we can all learn and help each other.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, in fact we specifically want our users to research and learn, educate themselves and become armed with knowledge. Our only claim is that we will never stop looking for information, knowledge and sharing our findings with you.

For most people who are new to using Cannabis as pain relief medicine, there is often some doubt and a steep learning curve. It seems that what works for one person may not work as well for another. It’s very dependent on your exact circumstances and condition but we believe that Cannabis is a bespoke and customizable medicine.

Isn’t that exactly what advanced medicine should be? Suited to fit the individual rather than what we are seeing with doctors prescriptions which is a ‘’one size fits all’’ mentality?

Finding the right strain for your needs is the first step, keeping it indefinitely by growing clones is the long term answer but finding the right method of ingestion is just as important to get right. We show you numerous ways to do this easily so that you can elevate yourself out of the misery vortex that is chronic pain and live a happy and productive life despite your condition whatever it is and for however long you have suffered.

Many people who are starting the journey with Cannabis as a replacement for opiates or even as an addition to opiates have to deal with the social stigma first. You may not realize it but decades of propaganda have led to a guilt complex for many. Making peace with Cannabis as a medicine and not a vile drug is the first step.

Why should you feel guilty utilizing the most medicinal plant known to man, especially when the drugs the doctors hand out can be dangerous and toxic to the patient? Cannabis is not physically addictive and is remarkably non-toxic, yet people battle with this conflict continuously and anecdotal evidence suggests that many people who experienced paranoia or anxiety when medicating had those unwanted side effects disappear when they either stopped caring what other people think or it was made legal in their state. Can we confirm this with science? Not yet but there’s a pattern for those who choose to look for it.

We are all for forwarding scientific study of the plant and maximizing its therapeutic benefits but sometimes anecdotal evidence cannot be ignored either. One thing Cannabis has going for it that no other medication has, is the fact that millions of people worldwide will continue to use it daily regardless of its legal status. That is a lot of human test subjects and there are often emerging patterns which can provide insight into the best uses of this amazing plant.

We are staying right on the pulse of both medicinal and recreational Cannabis because they often overlap. We have no problem with recreational use and in many ways the recreational market is driving the medical sector forward. So long as recreational users are inflicting no harm on others who are we to judge what a person decides to do with their own consciousness? If anything, recreational use is likely to start reducing the alcohol and binge drinking culture which we have collectively come to accept but is a far more destructive and dangerous force in society with zero overall medicinal benefit.

We are in open support of full legalization. After all isn’t making nature illegal the most unnatural thing you can do?

While we have an overall plan of what we would like the site to become we are not, so set in our ways that it has to be exactly the resource WE decide it will be. YOU have a voice and a direct influence on how this site evolves over time.

This resource is yours as much as it is ours and we would like to extend an invitation for you to get in touch with us. Let us know what is holding you back or if you are further along in your journey and have a success story you would like to share, please let us know. We would love for you to be the inspiration for others who are just getting started.

To Your Ever Improving Health and Well Being

The Canna-Base Team